Cookies Cheese Straws
Brownies Coffee Cakes
Danish Cinnamon Buns/ Sticks
Iced Cookies Cupcakes
Eclairs Salt Rising Bread
Yeast Rolls  

Petit Fours

1.5"x1.5" decorated
2" x 2" decorated

Pound Cakes

Plain, iced, or decorated. Comes in 1 pound (serves 2-4), 2 pounds (serves 10-12), 3 pounds (serves 15-18), 4 pounds (serves 20-25), 5 pounds (serves 25-30), and 7 pounds (serves 45+).

Special cakes

Carrot, red velvet, German chocolate, caramel, coconut, lemon, Rhodes special, yellow cake, devils food cake, orange chiffon

Plain, with flowers, or decorated. Available in 8" (serves 10-12), 9" (serves 15-18), 12" (serves 25-30).

Sheet cakes

Yellow cake, devil's food cake; icings: buttercream, chocolate, caramel

With flowers, drawings, or shapes. Available in 1/4 sheet (serves 15-18), 1/2 sheet (serves 25-30), and full sheet (serves 60+). /p>

Free WEDDING CAKE  tastings every Saturday, 11am - 3pm.

No appointment needed